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?Greenman Witch /?Deathshead Moth/?Celestial Decor Moon Apothecary Jar Potion Bottle
?Greenwoman Witch
?Deathshead Moth
?Celestial Decor Moon
?Greenman Witch
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🦋The moth's message is two fold - one is determination, courage, optimism, transformation, and finding your inner calling. The flip side of this is caution - be wary of jumping in blindly, and look out for hidden truths.

🦋This makes the moth a brilliant totem for goal-setting, or a gentle reminder to avoid those things which have burned us in the past. In some cultures, the moth was also viewed as symbol of a visit from the departed, or a reminder that nothing is permanent in this world.

🦋This art piece is painted in shades of pinkish purple, with metallic copper and gold accents dabbed on the designs. 

⭐ Measures 4.5" wide (at widest point; not including the 3D sculpted designs), 4.25” tall without lid, 5.5” tall with lid

🌙 Throughout the potion jar you will find whimsical textures brought to depth and life with a dark glaze. This art piece is painted in shades of dark cobalt blues, with metallic silver and copper accents dabbed on the designs.

🌙 On my pieces, pigments are deep, and the finish dead flat / no sheen (other than metallics) - it took much trial and error to find a high quality acrylic paint that would give polymer the look and feel of pottery, but it has been found and proudly presented here! :)

🌙 This jar has a removable cork , so you can use it to store your sacred treasures without fear of damaging the jar. Let this Moon jar bless your altar or shelf space while keeping your materials or mementos stored safely.

🌙 What does this spiritual moon jar say to you? What emotions do the colors stir up in you? What power can it bring? Every sculpture is unique and comes with its own personality. Each one has something different to offer you. 

⭐ Measures 5" high and 2.5" wide.

🌿I strive to offer Wiccan art and witchcraft decor with a sense of the unexpected, mystery, and surrealism... and a touch of the spirit realm and a feeling of power and other-worldliness.